Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It’s always you… It has always been you… My sane mind argues with me that this is a passing infatuation, just an obsession…but I don’t know… I think it is much more than that!
  I know you are perfect for me and I am perfect for you. The thousand cries of people deafen me at times. But I choose to ignore them.
I have never wanted to marry you. It’s not that I do not believe in the sanctity of marriage. But, I have always felt that marriage is not an act of fulfillment for any relationship.
Do you realize whatever happens you would always be my hero. When we are together, I feel, you are the god and I am your goddess.,
Your touch is so tantalizing… you drive me wild, you drive me mad. You are my master and I am your mistress…it is divine you know it is just not the act but the process…the process! The caress of your hand over mine, and the way you search my mouth with your tongue… I do not realize when our bodies merge…you become me and I become you… Your sweat becomes mine and my sweat becomes yours. And then I love the way you mark me. Your sharp teeth piercing into my skin… you send spasms of pleasure and I forget baby, I forget where I am, and, only you become real. And, sometimes you are like this beast who devours me like your prey, yet, sometimes you are as gentle as a man is on his nuptial night! When I love you, I love you like a wife, I love you like a mother feeding her baby, sometimes like a coy teenager trying to reconcile the exploding fountain of pleasure and at times, a brazen whore deftly stroking you, igniting passion…
There is a language we speak …. I love the way you kiss my each eyelid and I love it when you get conscious… I love to enjoy your discomfort in front of me… I love to watch you bare as you walk through the door. Your chocolate brown skin shinning over mine and the way you smile sometimes wickedly and at most times mischievously…between our kisses!
As we nestle close to each other, I bit my lip in anticipation…  as if I belong to you and you belong there …our legs entwined our chests heaving with breathless excitement.

 Preeti Kulkarni
A note from the writer: A work of fiction...it is tough to stray around the fine line between the art of fiction and non-fiction...it is just an attempt to start writing again...for myself! To start living again through writing...to revive myself from my temporary absence from writing...